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Board Members


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Board of Director Requirements

What you need to know...


Thinking about becoming a Board Member for your association or are you currently a Board Member of your association? 

There are a few things that you should know. Community Association Board Members are required to follow all of the provisions set for in Florida Statutes, Chapters 718 (Condominium) and 720 (Homeowners). 

ALL Board Members are required read the association’s declaration of covenants, articles of incorporation, bylaws, and current written rules and policies; that he or she will work to uphold such documents and policies to the best of his or her ability; and that he or she will faithfully discharge his or her fiduciary responsibility to the association’s members.

certification Forms

COA - Chapter 718

718 Button.PNG

HOA - Chapter 720

720 Button.PNG

As a Board Member


Submit the required form to the association (via Management at within 90 days after being elected or appointed to the board, attesting to the requirements as a Board Member, or a director may submit a certificate of satisfactory completion of the educational curriculum administered by a division-approved condominium education provider.

Please review the appropriate statutes which fall under your association type.


*A board member certification form or a certificate of satisfactory completion of a Division Approved Educational Curriculum is required by Section

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