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Etheridge Property Management 

Ever wonder what a professional association management company can do for you? Below are some of the benefits of hiring a management company for your association:

Covenants & Restrictions
1) Inspect lots, homes, units, etc.
2) Research and enforce the Association’s Article of Incorporation, Covenants and Restrictions, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations fairly and consistently.


Accounts Receivable
1) Bill annual association fees.
2) Collect
3) Deposits
4) Record
5) Notify delinquent accounts
6) Notification and filing liens


Accounts Payable
1) Pay bills
2) Maintain records

Accounting (General Ledger)
1) Transaction register
2) Detailed trial balance
3) Balance sheet
4) Income statement
5) Accounts Receivable Report


Owner’s Records
1) Update owners’ records periodically
2) Provide pertinent information to mortgage companies, real estate agents and insurance agents


1) Attend board meetings
2) Attend annual membership meetings
3) Prepare paperwork for meetings
4) Take meeting minutes

1) Supervise common area maintenance
2) Supervise all lawn maintenance for association (if applicable)

3) Visually inspect the site to insure all common areas are maintained. Inspect and insure
maintenance for all common mechanical and plumbing systems, buildings and all common
4) Receive by phone or written, request for common area maintenance have repair done in a timely


1) Provide communication to and record from:
- homeowners
- board members
- closing agents
- title companies
- lending institutions
- insurance companies
- governmental authorities
- other related entities


1) Maintain proper insurance policies including General Liability and Directors and Officers Liability
1) Review and enforce existing contracts, re-bid as necessary


Please fill out the information below
Select all that apply for your association (Common areas, Accounting, File Storage, etc.)

Thank you! EPM will be in touch soon!

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